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“I'm a recent graduate currently living in Worcester. I'm a very creative person who enjoys spending time drawing outdoors in the sun! I have always taken a creative path, ever since I can remember, so it was only natural that I ended up graduating with a creative degree. (as a graduate) You end up being under qualified in design and creative roles, however are overqualified for part time work in a coffee shop or as a receptionist etc, but I tried to remain positive. Everything always has a way of working itself out. As long as you put the effort in, you will find something. Eclectic Ocean is such a good way to build up your portfolio whilst also getting paid, which helps to support you as a designer or illustrator..” - CASEY RANN

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“I’m from a small village just outside of the South of Wales. I’ve always been a creative person and it was always clear that I was going to be an artist of some kind. In a lot of ways I feel very fortunate that I had such a natural and clear path for me, and I was also lucky to have such supportive family and teachers around me to nature my skills and passions I feel that Eclectic ocean has the standing to help others out from an approachable standing point and I’d love to be able to help with that.” - CLARE LEWIS

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“I am a creative soul: I studied Fashion Design, and afterwards I fell in love with Adobe Illustrator too. I wouldn't "box" myself within one label, such as Illustrator. I am inspired pretty easily and I want to feel free to create anything with any tool! I think Be is a really positive person, and special in seeing richness and opportunity in others: it's easy to feel overwhelmed by all the fishes in the ocean (in multiple circumstances), but each of our voice is unique and valuable, that's why we make the world, an "eclectic ocean" what are living in is so beautiful! Even as people in general, I think the concept of realising we're all in this together, helping highlighting our qualities rather than pushing each other down, will eventually make us all triumph..” - CHIARA MORELLO

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