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Hello and welcome to Eclectic Ocean! This organisation has been created from a passion to help, support and celebrate creative graduates. We want to shout about as many new creative graduates as we can in order to help them gain exposure, learn the process of real life projects and earn some extra cash.


As a creative graduate myself, I whole-heartedly understand how little value some people can place on education, especially those who may not have gone down that path themselves. There are many routes to achieve what you want from life and University isn’t always right for everyone. However, if you did choose University, I know the struggle you have been through; living away from home, sharing a house with the best (and worst) people you will ever meet and spending countless nights working hard to get the degree you want. So I want to say, from one graduate to another, you’ve don’t so well to achieve your degree and you should be immensely proud, no one can take it away from you.


When you get into industry, things are often a little different from how you may be used to at University, but don’t let anyone tell you your degree isn’t relevant in “the real world”, or that it won’t help you progress in your career. Your degree can 100% help you I your career, you just need to find like-minded people who will appreciate the hard work you’ve put in to gain the knowledge you’ve learnt.


At eclectic ocean we are those like-minded people! WE LOVE EDUCATION and want to celebrate as many creative graduates as we can, if you want your work to gain exposure and feature on our website as simply a shout out, contact us! If you want to have your design featured on our products and earn some money for your hard work, contact us! If you simply want to support other creative graduates by checking out their work or buying some products, or if you are just here for the blog posts and other cool bits, enjoy the browse!


Thanks for reading the first blog post, hope to see you soon!


We are eclectic ocean-creating new waves for creative graduates


Be Peters

Founder of eclectic ocean

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