The Importance Of Self Reflection


This is very similar to our last blog post, but we feel this is a natural follow on.

As we mentioned previously, not enough people allocate time to truly stop, sit and think before they go into projects. The same should be done after each project too.

Reflection is vital for improvement. You need to stop and look at how a project went in order to take the good onto the next project and leave the bad behind.

It can often feel as though there isn’t enough time to do this, especially if there is a large team, but this method will guarantee to save you time in the future and boost morale within the office (if you have one).

Once you have finished a project ask yourself important questions such as:

Was the project finished within the set deadline?

Did a lot of over time have to be put in in order to complete the project?

Was the final outcome as expected/answer the brief and to the highest standard?

What was the team spirit like during this project?

How was the communication?

All of these questions along with many more that will be specific to you are so important to ask and it’s important to ask them to everyone who took part in the project, not just the management. Everyone will have a different viewpoint and everyone should be treated equally.

Once you have the answers to all your questions it’s then important to ask why? or wat? in order to gain the best understanding for the future.

If you can do this after every project, with everyone involved present, I can almost guarantee you that your work flow will quickly become more fluid and your team will feel more valued creating better working relationships.

Be PetersComment