The Benefits Of Waking Up Earlier


No one wants to wake up super early and we would all love to be in bed for a few extra hours than we need to be, but, going to bed early can feel just as good as laying in . . . kind of.

When I was studying for my Masters degree and working full time as a Graphic Designer I learned the importance of squeezing every second out of my day. At first, it’s very much like going back to childhood, you feel robbed of your “play time” or “chill time” - whatever you want to call it.

Surprisingly though, waking up an extra hour (or even just half an hour) can completely change your day - once you get over the shock! Even if I didn’t get loads done in the morning, just dedicating some time first thing, to think about what I needed to do that day helped me gain a better perspective. It meant that all of my thoughts were more thoroughly considered.

If I did do some work in the mornings, wow, did I get work done in the mornings! The thought of only having half an hour or so to get some things done before I needed to leave for my job made my productivity levels rocket.

Side story: an elderly relative of mine who was beautifully gentle and positively minded once told me it took him a whole day just to change his bedding. When I asked him why he took so long, he replied with “why would I hurry, I have all day”. That simple comment probably never crossed his mind again, but it stayed with me forever. The more time you have to achieve something, the more time you will inevitably spend to achieve it.

Think of how much more you could achieve or how relaxed you would feel to have an extra half an hour everyday, that’s a whole 2.5 or 5 hours a week, just waking up a little earlier! Try it now and feel the positive energy you can create while the rest of the world sleeps.

Be PetersComment