Question Everything


As a creative graduate you can often feel like you should know everything going into your new job, you just got a degree in this subject of course you should know what you’re doing right? Guess what? No one ever does, ever.

Each job role is slightly different to the last, everyone has different ways of doing things, the managerial structure will be different as will the office culture.

The best thing you can do as (anyone in a new role) a creative graduate is just be honest. It may take a little more confidence to ask if you’re unsure about something, but it’s the only way you’re going to learn, and it’s a lot quicker than wasting time pretending you know when you don’t.

In the creative industries it’s especially important to know the reasoning behind the designs too, if you’re unsure of why a certain image/typeface/layout has been used - ask! You don’t need to know everything and trying to learn from those with more experience than you is probably one of the most valuable aspects of your role, so make the most of it!

You will probably never been critised for asking questions, in fact, your employers will most likely be excited you’re showing such genuine interest and enthusiasm to continue learning. Be a sponge in your environment and try to absorb as much new information every day as you can!

Be PetersComment