Know Your Worth & Assert It


This will be one of the most contradicting blogs I will probably every write, but stick with it becasue it’s a really important one. . .

You need to be your own biggest cheerleader. I know it will make you cringe, but you’ll get used to it. As a new creative graduate it’s so important to make sure you don’t let people walk over you.

Now, I’m not saying you should be cocky, or throw your weight about as though you own the place, remember you have only just come out of University and you couldn’t be newer to the industry if you tried. But everyone deserves respect and no one should make you feel as though your degree is worthless becasue you don’t have experience, in a few years you’ll have both, then who’s winning?!

Don’t work for free unless you’re happy to do so.

Don’t let people tease you for your degree.

Do ensure you are paid fairly and treated with respect.

Do ask for a pay rise when you can, backed up with good reasons why.

Asking for a pay rise will always show you know you’re worth more and in most cases an employer will respect you for giving it a go, even if they so no. Just make sure you have a stack of reasons why, it’ll show your confident and serious about your request and it’ll make it harder for them to say no if you’ve done your research.

Knowing your worth is crucial for your self esteem and progressing throughout your career, always be proud of who you are and professional to others, but don’t forget you can probably find a better job elsewhere and your boss probably knows it too

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