Is It Good To Have Your Own Creative Style?


As creative people, there are often a lot of pressures to having a set “style”, a way in which you create your art, often in a similar fashion so it’s easily recognisable to you.

No having your own unique style is amazing! People will see a piece of your work and instantly know it’s yours. Your work will almost become your brand, plus doing one style means you’ll get really good at it and end up working more effectively.

This is great if you are a freelancer or have your own business. However from a commercial perspective, one style doesn’t fit all. What will appeal to a University student won’t be the same as what appeals to a middle ages person buying their dream home. They are different audiences and therefore need targeting differently.

If you are hoping to get a job in an agency or a bigger company, have your own style for yourself but I would massively encourage being versatile as it will add value to yourself as well a the company.

Be PetersComment