Perfect & Late or Good & On Time?


The Ultimate Dilemma!

This is always a fun topic to discuss, so let’s get into it!

In a previous graphic design role, the creative director was a massive fan over “over promise, under deliver”, no you haven’t read that wrong, it should most certainly be the other way around!

This obviously caused a lot of problems for so many reasons. The first being that it pissed off a lot of clients that we worked with, they had to chase and ask where the work was which was utterly embarrassing to say the least. It also meant that when we pushed back one deadline, it would then overlap with another project, making the deadline for that tight or also pushed back. This all had a knock on effect to the design time, who were continuously stressed out, not knowing when the solid deadlines were for projects meaning they had to work late and under pressure to complete them. Morale was terrible in the office and everyone was generally fed up of the lack of organisation.

When I was at University, a lecturer once told me “the only thing that should ever stop a creative project is the deadline”. This is because as a creative you will always critique your own work and find new inspirations to progress it further or develop new ideas.

However, there’s something crucial you should always remember. You may of tried a million variations for the design and thought about alternative ways to answer the brief but when you sit down in front of the client to pitch, they will only know what you show them.

There’s no need to fret over how it could of been made better. Being punctual shows that you’re organised, careful and dedicated to fulfilling the clients needs, making them value their relationship with you and build trust. It is always better to be good and on time, becasue in the eyes of a creative, perfect will never exist.

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