How To Hold Your Clients Hand


No, not literally-that would be weird!!

Hold their hand throughout the entire creative project. Guide them. Keep them up to date.

The annoying clients are often ones who pester you night and day about the project with questions like “did you get all the information you need?”, “have I been clear enough with my direction?” and “how’s it coming along so far?”.

The worst thing about all these questions is, they aren’t even bad. They aren’t mean or even naggy. But they are clear signs of someone who isn’t in the loop. Rather than being annoyed with all these questions and putting off talking to your client, nip it in the bud.

Even if the client never responds, keep them in the loop at every stage. It’s good to have a paper trail to refer back to if there are ever any dispute regarding the project timeline too. Sometimes clients will love to get involved throughout the project and offer feedback which can often save time and ensure you’re on the right track. Other clients will barely read your email but will still feel comforted knowing it’s being dealt with.

If you don’t feel sure about bombarding your client with updates, just ask them if they would like to be notified during certain stages and have it made clear from the start. Normally we would recommend only emailing at major flagposts of the project, it’s also good for ensuring you stay on track becasue you’re being transparent with your process and making yourself accountable.

Let us know how you hold your clients hand, or why you chose not too!

Be PetersComment