How To Dress As A Creative Graduate


A very different topic for us and to be honest, a tricky one too!

I’ll be honest form the start and let you know I’m not going to tell you how to dress, but there are some tips you might find useful.

The way in which you dress depends entirely on three key factors:

  1. Who you want to work for.

  2. The image you wish to portray to others

  3. How much you value comfort

For an interview I would always recommend going formal, even for a creative role, it show professionalism and you can always relax your look once you get the job. Yes, it’s 2019, but I would also recommend coving any tattoos if you can, some people don’t like them and worry what impression they might give to their clients. Let your (hopefully) future employer get to know you on a professional level first.

If in doubt, always overdress for the occasion but still show your personality. Don’t wear something that you hate just because you think it’s professional as your discomfort will show and may put you and your (hopefully) future employer off.

Once you bag your creative job, try to keep your work clothes separate from your personal ones. This will save you valuable time and brain power choosing a new outfit every morning and is also a good way of getting into the work frame of mind. It can also help to build a personal brand for how others portray you too, so always be conscious of what impression you want to give.

Remember to always dress to your best self! Be confident. Be comfortable. Be professional.

Be PetersComment