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We are so excited to be collaborating with Chiara Morello to create a new collection of products with her beautiful designs adorning each unique creation. In celebration of this, we thought we would let Chiara takeover our blog in an interview style so you can get to know her better. With us she shares her background, what life is like after University and advice for other creative graduates.

Tells us about yourself, where are you from, what do you do?

I am a creative soul: I studied Fashion Design, and afterwards I fell in love with Adobe Illustrator too. I wouldn't "box" myself within one label, such as Illustrator. I am inspired pretty easily and I want to feel free to create anything with any tool!

When did you go to University and what did you study?

I went to Polimoda, in Florence, Italy. I graduated in fashion design. 

What did you enjoy and dislike about University?

I honestly disliked it a lot. About a good part, I'd say I learned a lot of new skills and I think 4 teachers I had were in love with what they teached and you could feel it, and therefore I absorbed knowledge with pleasure. Many other teachers intesad (including the headmaster) would not entirely understand that people are free to follow their own path and style, while of course taking advice into account. They would completely fail you or even do the opposite of help, especially close to exams.

I've never regretted the stylistic choices I made, nor my own growth path, not then and still not now. I only wish it had happened without such psychological pressure from their side.

How did you feel when you graduated?

I felt a huge relief. I remember feeling air in my lungs for the first time in a while, but a sense of emptiness too at the same time.

How did you feel 6 months after graduation?

For a while I experienced creative block. I would work and gain experience as an intern, but I'd resent creating something myself, which is odd because that's one of the things I enjoy the most.

What do you think your University could have done to prepare you for life after graduation?

Their approach should be completely reversed: I remember we got told so many times that their approach was tough and often disrespectful towards all of us (students), so that we could have grown a thick skin for the fashion world. Well I actually believe that if you manage to put some good out there, it will spread like a drop which makes circles in the water. And the more we start the chain, the better. Then there would be no need anymore to teach disrespect in class to young people.

On a practical note, it would have been nice to know that being hired in a haute couture company isn't the only road possible (nor the only "goal in life"!). I (very slowly) learned about practical "how's" by myself.

Did you struggle to get a job after University?

I think I've come to terms with accepting that getting an internship, and then a job, it's just hard and it takes time. I'd say if you really want it, and put 110% of your energy into it, you'll eventually reach your goal. Be patience and focused at the same time, which is hard when you throw friends, family, fun and time to relax in the mix.

How did you overcome any difficulties after University?

I had to fall in love with design all over again. I had to turn big words like "scar" or "fear" into "lesson" and "growth". The tricky part was understanding that it resolves itself and to stop worrying about it. I focussed on creating and getting lost in the moment, being immersed in colors is just the best thing ever.

Tell us about your favorite project at University or personal

At University, I really enjoyed the first 4 months of the first year, where I was guided by a very experimental teacher. I designed and realised my first dress, with twisted long balloons as crinolina.

Why did you want to collaborate with Eclectic Ocean?

I think Be is a really positive person, and special in seeing richness and opportunity in others: it's easy to feel overwhelmed by all the fishes in the ocean (in multiple circumstances), but each of our voice is unique and valuable, that's why we make the world, an "eclectic ocean" what are living in is so beautiful! Even as people in general, I think the concept of realising we're all in this together, helping highlighting our qualities rather than pushing each other down, will eventually make us all triumph.

Be's start up is one of the rare ones who swim against the flow and stand out. Its result can only be an eclectic, colorful, celebration of differences just like how a rainbow is gorgeous. (Miley Cyrus's "Rainbowland" song lyrics came to my mind!)

What would be your advice to other creative graduates?

Don't expect too much out of yourself. I know you have been waiting for this post-graduation moment for years, and the anticipation of it could have set really high standards for you. Life isn't always about getting what you want straight away: it makes you learn lessons through mistakes, you will learn as you'll walk your path, (little) step by (little) step. Work hard, give your best, be loyal and be patient, especially with yourself. This way you will give yourself the time to figure out your path (out of a million!), which works best for you and you'll achieve what you deserve.

Anything else you want to mention?

Just that experimenting and following your guts and your instinct is crucial. There is not only one road ahead, don't make someone else draw it for you, even when you are young. We are designers, therefore we should grab that pencil and draw that road ourself, and draw many roads, many turns and make it as beautiful as a tree's branches, and eventually make it to its top where we'll admire the view, and when we'll see clearly which one(s) to take!

That's why for example I love Illustrating and making all sort of colors and shape come to life, being a Graphic Designer and playing with patterns, minimal shapes and following the trends, and last but not least creating clothes just from a thought.

The new Eclectic Ocean X Chiara Morello collection is coming soon, make sure you follow our Instagram for the latest updates and launch date.

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