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A few weeks ago we interviewed Clare Lewis for a blog takeover, if you haven’t read it yet-check it out after you’ve read this! Although she said some very insightful things, one comment in particular resonated with us as fellow creative graduates and it was this:

“I never thought I’d be saying that but some of the best advice I’ve received has been from reading books on the industry.”

Although you may be keen to throw the books away when you finish University, don’t. Have a break and leave them, forget about them even . . . for a few weeks. Then never stop reading again.

Throughout my career, reading has be crucial in keeping me inspired and motivated, not only creatively at work, but also at home and in general life. Reading is so important and will almost always improve your creative thinking and mental wellbeing, even if the books are unrelated to your industry.

I thought I would share with you some of the books I have collected over the years that I would love to recommend to others. These are in no particular order and a mix of genres.

1. Don’t sweat the small stuff . . . and it’s all small stuff - Richard Carlson

I know I said no particular order, but this has to come first becasue it’s so easy to read and has changed my perspective on so many difficult issues at work and home, everyone should read this!

2. Little black book, a toolkit for working women - Otegha Uwagba

Although this is “a toolkit for working women” this book offers some really useful advice for everyone, available in bitesize paragraphs making it super easy to read in short bursts.

3. It’s not how good you are, it’s how good you want to be - Paul Arden

This book has incredible advice and tips for creative graduates, written in a light-hearted manor. I’ve read this book more than once, every time it cheers me up and makes me feel so motivated to succeed in my latest project and career in general.

4. Know your onions graphic design - Drew de Soto

Absolutely a guide to technical and skill based aspects of the industry. Covering everything from how to organise your desktop, to layouts and typography to printing process and paper spec. This book taught me so much after University and I still refer back to it to this day.

5. How to be a graphic designer without losing your soul - Adrian Shaughnessy

Although I would say this book is just as useful as “Know your onions” it’s for a completely different reason. This book is very conversational and draws from previous experience of the author to offer insights into the personal relations and processes of the design industry-very useful if you have no experience working in a creative industry!

6. Online business startup - Robin Waite

Everything you could want to know about setting up an online business is in this book, arranged in an easy step by step guide. This book covers really useful tips and aspects of starting a business that can often be overseen.

7. The fundamentals of design management - Kathryn Best

If you want to broaden your knowledge and learn more about bridging the gap between design and business, this book is for you. Layout similar to a school textbook it clearly explains industry process that will give you a wider perspective of the creative industry as a whole, especially if you are looking to progress into a managerial position.

8. Knowledge is beautiful - David McCandless

So much inspiration in this book! Even if you’re not working on a infographics project, seeing the creative ways in which information can be presented can inspire you into motivation for the most mundane projects!

As well as my top eight that I pick up regularly, I also have a plethora of books from University and various spontaneous purchase from book shops.

You will never be worse of from reading and if knowledge is power, then what do you have to lose?

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