How To Smash "To Do" Lists


To do lists are amazing but not everything on that list has equal importance . . .

You need to split the list down into priorities, a good method is a time management matrix devised by Steven Cubby. Here you can put your to-do list into sections:

By doing this you can clearly see what jobs you need to do first and what can wait until later.

Using a calendar or diary write down and schedule in all of the urgent & important jobs first, hopefully then it’s guaranteed to be completed.

After that write in all of the important but not urgent jobs, it’s really good to get ahead with these. Try and make sure you dont procrastinate on them and end up having to move them into section one, always be one step ahead.

Finally try and see if the other two sections (3&4) are necessary for you to do or if you can allocate them to someone else. If you are the only one able to do these jobs, maybe see if they are what you really want to spend your time on or if they can come off the list all together. These should be of lowest priority so it’s good if you can fit them around or couple them up with other jobs to save time.

Remember no matter how busy life gets to always make sure you have time for yourself and don’t burn yourself into the ground. Me time should ALWAYS fit into your schedule no matter how busy you become, even if it’s just your 30 minute shower each day, clear your mind and relax.

We hope this short introduction to to-do lists has helped you!

Be PetersComment