Never Admire Quietly


As a creative graduate you might feel like you aren’t “worthy” of telling other people that they’re good at something, especially if they are in a higher professional position than you. That’s nonsense.

Talking is a vital way of expressing your feelings, building relationships and offering your unique perspective to the world. If you don’t tell others what you truly think, then you aren’t truly being yourself.

A simple praise or compliment to another person, or colleague can go a long way. I once complimented my manager on his managerial skills and for a split second I thought to myself “he doesn’t need me to tell him he’s doing a good job, what do I know?” but before I could finish my thought, I’d said it.

He was so delighted, he told me how it had really meant a lot to him as he always tries his best to be a manager but can never be sure how he’s performing. It felt good to give him that boost and it strengthened our working relationship.

Even to the director of the company, I would say “good job today, hope tomorrow’s even better”. The director of the company and little old me telling him well done. No matter what level you are in your career, it’s always an amazing feeling to be told you’re doing something well.

Generally, I think the creative industries are very supportive and the network on social media of people supporting each other is incredible. A simple comment on someone’s page who’s work you admire could mean the world to them, as could a verbal comment at work.

Whether it’s someone’s amazing creative talent, managerial skills or just their patience to continue when things aren’t going great, praise is incredible. No matter what you admire about a person, tell them.

Never admire quietly.

Be PetersComment