How & Why We Celebrate & Elevate Creative Graduates




After having some bad experiences herself and hearing lots of friends go through the same as creative graduates, it was during her Masters degree that the founder, Be, decided she wanted to help others.

Studying hard for three (or so) years at University to get a degree is such an incredible achievement, that deserves to be thoroughly celebrated! After leaving University, it can be difficult to get a job as a lot of roles require work experience. This can lead to a vicious cycle of not being able to gain work experience, simply because you don’t have any work experience-madness!

As well as this, people can often take advantage of creative graduates by offering work just to have in your portfolio. The biggest insult any creative person (or any person) can face is to be asked to work for free. No. Don’t do it. Not even to have “piece to put in your portfolio”. After working hard for three years, you should never have to work for free or even for discounted rates, unless you feel 100% happy to do so.

Driving to work one morning, Be was thinking about all of the struggles that creative graduates can face during the first few years of transitioning from a student to a professional. Suddenly, the thought came to create a business designed specifically to celebrate and elevate creative graduates, creating a community in which they can share advice and experiences as well as offering the opportunity to work on live projects and get paid.

The idea of the business was to utilise social media to help creative graduates gain exposure and network with each other. In addition to this, the unique service that the business would offer would be the opportunity to work on tailor made briefs to suit the graduates work, mentor them through the creative process and print their completed project onto products.

Eclectic Ocean was born.

Making new waves for creative graduates.



Hello! I am the creative director of Eclectic Ocean, overseeing every aspect of the business. This means that I am able to give the best possible experience, working directly with creative graduates. As a creative graduate myself, I know the struggles that can be faced upon leaving university. Because of this, I am 100% passionate about helping others overcome these issues and when you start working on a project with us, I will be there with you every step of the way to make sure you get what you want from the project.

As well as myself, there is also a plethora of creative professionals, creative graduates and absolute legends of the industry I am able to network with in order to give accurate and useful tips or advice. Knowledge is power and together we are as powerful as the ocean!

“And though she be but little, she is fierce” - Shakespeare